Learn how we achieve the best mezcal



We have Select Agave plantations, in which we develop a large quantity of Espadín Agave, which is watered and maintained with the best processes to guarantee healthy growth, flavor and texture in our stems, which in the future will become pine cones of the highest quality.


According to NOM-070-SFCI-2016 we qualify as a young mezcal, of character and artisanal elaboration.

Agave Age

10 years.


Our Somelier accompanied by our foreman personally select the best plants each season to identify which ones will be “jimadas”.


Each plant selected in our blog is cut by our jimadores with ax and machete in the old “Oxaqueña” way and carried in pineapples to our palenque.


Floor ovens with burning mesquite, ocote and oak weathered with black volcanic stone.


Tahona of a ton by horse, mule or motor traction.

Growing in:

4 days.


The live must of the bagasse is placed in American Oak wood curves for 5 days adding every so often cold and hot water to support the development of microorganisms that ferment the same and produce the presence of ethyl alcohol.


El tepache obtenido se calienta en un alambique de cobre el cual funge como un destilador, enviando las mejores notas del producto final por un serpentín que terminará en el contenedor para que posteriormente nuestro destilado sea probado por un Maitre y un hidrómetro, determinando de esta manera lo que puede ser envasado.


Once the distillation is finished, the alcohol must be standardized as a norm, which must be between 38 and 50 percentage degrees by volume. To achieve this we use dilution and filtration methods with the highest quality standards and thus obtain a young, full-bodied drink with a crystalline and homogeneous shine; Once this is achieved, an artisanal packaging is generated.

Tasting Notes

Kind of Agave

Espadín (A. Angustifolia).

Double Distillation


Smooth with a long finish with good platinum tones.


Lightly smoked, with notes of soft lemon citrus with smooth touches of almond and well-achieved minerality.


Smooth and balanced, with elegant salinity, notes of a mature and balanced agave, long aftertaste with the presence of white pepper spices, orange citrus and woods.